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Version 4.75 now available!

Advanced Digital Photography Software

New Release 4.72

Released  2/13/06

More advanced Importation of lab items.

Photos Bug Fix 4.69

Released  2/13/06

When the software asked for a photos directory at first launch. Go to C:\Allstar and create a sub folder called photos.

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AllStar Photo Software

Are you looking for a complete program designed to simplify the time consuming tasks involved with photography data entry and tracking? You have found the right program!

The AllStar Software is designed for the lab printing and photo business. Its simple tracking and reporting will allow you to track your organization, even those that don’t show up on picture day. Your profitability should soar with the micro managing you can do with your sales and marketing.

Above all it will give you instant credibility with your organizations with the ability to produce reports documenting purchases by team & individual when paying rebates.

Here are a few of the benefits:

Organization Sales Recap Report
Gross & Net Profit Figures
Double Checks Each Order Totals
Expenses Calculated Per Shoot
Profitability per individual & even Camera
Log Sheets for Easy Tracking & Record Keeping
Marketing & Balance Sheet
Team Scheduling
Prints All Slates
Deposit Slips
Short & Overpaid Order Reports
Items Purchased by League Report
Lab Summary Sheet & many more features!
Send order to lab feature!
All lab printing reports export as a CSV file.
Integrates with TimeStone, Kodack DP2 and PhotoLynx Printing Software.

Once you’ve used the software for your business, you’ll wonder how you’ve run your business without it. This software is a must if you’re serious about your bottom line and staying profitable. Sign up today for our free membership and download your trial today. If you are interested in becoming a reseller please indicate this on the signup form. Thanks again for visiting us and it will be our privilege to further serve you.

Hardware Requirements

The Software re re are runs on the following Windows Systems:


Pentium III processor with SSE 1.0 GHz (or faster) recommended
Athlon XP+1.0 GHz (or faster) with support for SSE.
AGP video card
RAM minimum 256 MB (512 MB or more recommended)
1 GB or more of available disk space

Software Requirements

Windows Operating Systems

Windows XP Professional (recommended)

The software is may not be compatible with XP Media. Please contact us for additional assistance with the software once installed.


Windows Update